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Valley of the Queens and the Western Wadis

February 23, 2023 Bsittert
Valley of the Queens.
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Aerial view of the Valley of the Queens.
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ARCE is excited to announce that we will be launching the Valley of the Queens and the Western Wadis on the Theban Mapping Project website this March, 2023! 

As ta-set-neferu, the “The Place of Beauty” or “The Place of (Royal) Children”, the Valley of the Queens served as the New Kingdom necropolis for both royal children and queens, as well as highly regarded officials. It boasts some of Thebes’ most beautifully preserved tombs, including the tomb of Nefertari (QV 66), and the tombs of the sons of Rameses III - Princes' Khaemwaset (QV 44), Sethherkhepeshef (QV 43), Amenherkhepeshef (QV 55), and Pareherunemef (QV 42).

View of the main valley from the tomb of Queen Nefertari, QV 66 (entrance left).

The Western Wadis served as a precursor to the Valley of the Queens, as many 18th Dynasty queens and royal family members were interred here in high cliff-tombs and large subterranean shaft tombs. These include a tomb prepared for the Queen Hatshepsut (Wadi A-1), the tomb of the three foreign wives of Thutmes III, Menhet, Merti, and Menwi (Wadi D-1), and the tombs of the royal court members of Amenhetep III (WB1).

Looking south-west over the Wadi al-Gharbi (right) and Wadi Jabbanat al-Qurud (leftL

As with the Valley of the Kings, the Theban Mapping Project will serve as your digital guide, providing you with axonometric tomb plans, exhaustive site and exploration histories, and bibliographic references. Limited photography will be included and will be added to over the next year.