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Thutmes I

Ruler/Tomb owner
1524-1518 B.C.

A military commander under Amenhetep I, Thutmes I was made king late in life when Amenhetep I died without an heir. His claim to the throne was apparently based on his marriage to the daughter of Ahmes I and Queen Ahmes Nefertari and, perhaps, on having served as co-regent with Amenhetep I.

During his short six-year reign, he engaged in several major military campaigns in western Asia and Nubia, and made extensive additions to the temple of Amen at Karnak. This work was supervised by his chief architect, Ineni, who was also responsible for supervising the digging of the king’s tomb, KV 38 (although KV 20, later used by Hatshepsut, may originally have been intended for him).