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Ruler/Tomb owner
1187-1185 B.C.
Tausert [and Sety II (replacing Siptah)] offering ointment [to Geb] (KV 14)

In the absence of an acceptable male heir after her husband died, Tausert, the principal wife of Sety II, was made regent for their child, Siptah. One of Tausert’s own sons had predeceased his parents and Siptah, the second son of Sety II by another wife, Tiaa, was still very young. Tausert apparently shared regency duty with the chancellor, Bay.

Tausert ruled independently for two years, then for another six with Siptah. Her tomb, KV 14, lay in the Valley of the Kings, and her Memorial Temple was built immediately south of the Ramesseum. Her name has been found on objects in western Asia, Sinai, and several sites in Upper and Lower Egypt. It was also inscribed on pieces of jewelry from KV 56, the so-called “gold tomb,” which may have been the burial-place of a child of Tausert and Sety II.

Tausert’s mummy has not been identified, unless, as some suggest, she is the “unknown woman D” found in KV 35.