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Rameses VI

Ruler/Tomb owner
1141-1133 B.C.

Egypt was already in a seriously weakened state by the time Rameses VI ascended to the throne in Dynasty 20. Mining in Sinai had been abandoned, trade routes were closed, Egypt’s borders were shrinking, and the country’s central bureaucracy was nearing collapse. Even Rameses VI’s attempt to enhance his position by including his name in a list of sons of Rameses III at Madinat Habu seems a feeble attempt to bolster his authority.

Rameses VI was buried in KV 9, a tomb he usurped from his predecessor, Rameses V, then enlarged. His mummy was later destroyed by thieves and attempts by later priests to repair the damage resulted in a hodge-podge of bones, including some from other bodies, carelessly stuffed into the linen wrappings.