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Entrance to QV50. QV84, visitors shelter, and southern branch of the wadi in background.
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QV 84 is located on south side of the north branch of the main Wadi, between QV 50 and 51. The tomb is very shallow and unfinished with the west and south walls being partly cut. According to Christian Leblanc, the tomb was cut in the 20th Dynasty and construction was stopped because of poor rock quality in the area.

Site History

Construction on QV 84 began in the 20th Dynasty and ceased due to the poor quality of the rock.


This site was used during the following period(s):

New Kingdom
Dynasty 20


1989: Study
Franco Egyptian Mission
2006-2008: Survey and Documentation
Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) and the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA)


Site Condition

The south wall of QV 84 shows deterioration from weathering. Several engravings on the rock surface were observed by the GCI-SCA. Exposure to water and weathering damage and the poor quality of rock that the tomb is cut into has largely contributed to its deterioration. It has been recommended by the GCI-SCA to leave the tomb as is, since it is only a shallow trench.


Geography and Geology of the Valley of the Queens and Western Wadis

The Valley of the Queens and the Western Wadis are made up of numerous valleys spread out over a vast space of desert, each containing tombs for the New Kingdom queens and other royal family members. The poor quality rock has led to damage in several tombs after suffering from earthquakes and floods.


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