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Entryway A

See entire tomb

The entryway shaft is partly filled with debris. The rest of the tomb is inaccessible.


Partly excavated


  • Width:

    2 m
  • Length:

    2.24 m
  • Area:

    3.58 m2
  • Orientation:




KV 40 is located in the south branch of the southwest Wadi. Only the upper part of the shaft is accessible; the rest is filled with rubble, and nothing is known about the tomb's layout.

Site History

No details of the site's history are available.


This site was used during the following period(s):

New Kingdom
Dynasty 18


1899: Discovery
Loret, Victor
1899: Excavation
Loret, Victor


Site Condition

The tomb was excavated, but no report was ever published.


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