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The tomb is located in the south branch of the southwest Wadi, northeast of KV 34 (Thutmes III). The only description of the tomb was given in the Baedeker guidebook, which stated that it was small and accessible via a flight of Steps. It consists of two undecorated chambers, but it has never been fully cleared and no accurate plan exists.

Site History

According to Elizabeth Thomas, the tomb may have been dug as a subsidiary burial for Thutmes III. Weigall, however, proposed that it belonged to a member of Thutmes III's royal family or the family of the Vizier Rekhmire. The tomb was never used.


This site was used during the following period(s):

New Kingdom
Dynasty 18
Thutmes III


1898: Excavation
Loret, Victor
1898: Discovery
Loret, Victor


Site Condition

The tomb is not accessible and a modern Bench has been built over its entrance.


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