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Book of Caverns, fifth division: Nut holding forms of Ra (sun disk and ram-headed man).
Gods with king's cartouches (standing in place of king) in solar bark.
Book of the Earth, part A: personification of a water clock.
Adoration of sun disk emerging from crocodile.
Ram-headed form of sun god Ra greeted by animal-headed gods; Book of the Earth, part A: dead emerging from burial mounds.
Book of the Day: Nut preparing to swallow the sun disk.
Rameses VI's Horus name and second cartouche.
Remains of Rameses VI's titles.
Burial chamber J with pit in floor.
Entrances to KV 6 and KV 55 ca. 1910.
Divided stairway with crowd of tourists.
Tomb entrance with modern gates.
Tourists at tomb entrance.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter.
Book of Caverns, sixth division: excerpt; enigmatic composition.
Book of the Night, twelfth hour: sun emerging from Nut.
Book of the Day, beginning: sun emerging from Nut.
Book of the Day, abbreviated beginning and ending.