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Madinat Habu, Rameses III Memorial temple, East High Gate, east face, looking west (with tourists).
Madinat Habu, Rameses III Memorial temple, East High Gate looking west (without tourists)
Madinat Habu, Rameses III Memorial temple, East High Gate, south side, Sakhmet statue.
Dayr al Madinah: workmen's village.
Dendarah Temple.
Wilkinson's painted tomb number and graffiti.
Asphalt road leading from entrance of Valley of the Kings.
Modern path leading to tomb.
Hajj paintings: camel carrying mahmal; agricultural scene; entertainment; women with water jars; ka'aba; pilgrim, pharaonic themes (painted by Ahmed al-Tayyib for Sheik Abd El Gourna Factory of Alabaster).
Kent Weeks examining flood erosion on hillside above tomb entrances in southwest cliff of the Valley of the Kings.
Main valley looking southeast from west cliff above KV 7, showing central hill into which KV 5., KV 6 and KV 55 were cut (left to right). Entrances to KV 3, KV 46 and KV 4 (bottom to top) are in side wadi to left of center, with entrance to KV 19 above.
Cracks in hillside above KV 5.
Filling cracks in hillside above KV 5.
West Valley of the Kings seen from Thoth Hill.
Kheker frieze; Rameses I with souls of Nekhen and Pe; consecrating meret chests [before Atum-Ra-Kheperi].
Book of Gates on walls; sarcophagus in center.
Rameses I offering unguent and four meret chests to Atum-Ra-Kheperi.
Kheker frieze; magical brick niches; Book of Gates, third division (P)/fourth hour (H), middle register, scenes 18 and 19.