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A project of the American Research Center in Egypt
Tomb entrances before construction of flood diversion walls.
Tomb entrances
Tomb entrance of KV 18
Path leading to KV 20, KV 19, KV 43 and KV 18, entrance.
Entrance of KV 18
Modern stairs leading to first gate.
Winged Ma'at above lotus plants of Upper Egypt.
Lotus flowers representing Upper Egypt [under winged Ma'at figure].
Winged Ma'at above papyrus plants of Lower Egypt.
Papyrus plants representing Lower Egypt [under winged Ma'at figure].
Imydwat, fifth hour (detail).
Rameses II greeting [Hathor].
Rock bolting with wire mesh.
Rock bolting on ceiling.
Osiris in niche.
Rock bolting with wire mesh.
Hathor receiving wine offerings [from Rameses II].
Rameses II greeting Hathor.
Rameses II with Hathor: holding hands (detail).
Sety I embraced by Hathor as Western Goddess.