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Entryway A

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It is uncertain from Carter's notes if the entryway was a shaft or a stairwell. It is now completely filled in with debris.


Partly excavated


  • Width:

    1.34 m
  • Length:

    2.16 m
  • Area:

    2.96 m2
  • Orientation:




KV F is located in the south branch off the southwest Wadi. This rectangular tomb commencement was noted by Carter in the rear of the cleft forming the bottom of the water-fall channel in which KV 34 is cut. No details are given as to whether it was a shaft or stairwell.

To the west, Carter found four Foundation deposit pits outlining a square. One of the deposits was intact and contained objects with the name of Thutmes III. Their proximity to KV F led Carter to believe that they were associated with that abandoned commencement.

Site History

Due to the presence of nearby foundation deposits bearing the name of Thutmes III as well as its position beneath the tomb made for that king, Carter believed this was an abandoned commencement for that same king's tomb. However, others such as Thomas feel that the foundation deposits are to be associated with KV 34 and not with KV F.


This site was used during the following period(s):

New Kingdom
Dynasty 18
Thutmes III


1921: Discovery
Carter, Howard


Conservation History

The tomb was previously cleared by a team from the University of Basel. 

Site Condition

The tomb is inaccessible and filled with debris.


Foundation Deposits

While more commonly found in association with temple constructions, foundation deposits also have been unearthed at some royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings.


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