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Tomb entrances.
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Entryway A

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The tomb consists of nothing more than the roughly cut entry shaft.




  • Width:

    1.15 m
  • Length:

    1.4 m
  • Area:

    1.62 m2
  • Orientation:


About the Tomb


KV 29 is located in the southwest Wadi. The tomb consists only of a rectangular entry shaft. It is inaccessible, and no details about its plan or contents are available.

Site History

Arthur Weigall reported that the tomb is uninscribed and probably consists of only one chamber.


This site was used during the following period(s):

New Kingdom


1825: Mapping/planning
Burton, James
1825-1828: Mapping/planning
Wilkinson, John Gardner
1899: Mapping/planning
Loret, Victor


Site Condition

The tomb has not been excavated.


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