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A project of the American Research Center in Egypt
Isis and Nephthys adoring setting sun.
Modern approach path leading to tomb entrance.
Sun disk adored by Isis and Nephthys.
Sculpted figure of Merenptah on cartouche-shaped lid surronded by protective mehen serpent and covered with texts and figure of king and gods.
Book of Caverns, closing scene; ba of Ra.
Book of Gates, fourth division (P)/fifth hour (H), middle register, scene 26: solar bark.
Left side of calcite plinth with lion-legged funerary bed, beneath modern blocks supporting cartouche-shaped sarcophagus lid.
Cartouche-shaped sarcophagus lid on modern supports, calcite plinth and pit emplacement.
Traces of Book of Gates, eighth division (P)/ninth hour (H); sealed gate Jd.
Book of the Earth; debris-filled gate Jb.
Book of Gates, ninth division (P)/tenth hour (H); sealed gate Jc.
Traces of Merenptah and deities; outer sarcophagus lid on modern support.
Book of Gates, first division (P)/second hour (H).
Side chamber with pair of pillars.
Beam being used to lower sarcophagus.
Hapy, Qebehsenuef, Anubis, Thoth, Nephthys, Serqet.
Litany of Ra; modern steps and railing.
Star pattern; Book of Gates: third division (P)/fourth hour (H); Merenptah with Osiris.