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Cracks in hillside above KV 5.
Filling cracks in hillside above KV 5.
Susan Weeks and Kent Weeks examining canopic jars.
Susan Weeks checking her watercolor reconstruction of wall relief against original.
Skeleton and skulls in situ.
Limestone lid covering burial pit.
Susan Herman tracing wall decoration.
Lotfi Khaled revealing and cleaning skeleton in pit.
Workers picking at debris with axe and filling bucket.
Sorting pottery outside entrance to KV 5.
Lotfi Khaled cleaning alabaster fragments and Kent Weeks examining fragment.
Canopic jar fragment with hieroglyphic text naming Prince Amenherkhepeshef.
Calcite canopic jar fragments pieced together.
Fragments of alabaster canopic jars of Princes Suti, Mery-Atum, Rameses and Amenherkhepeshef.
Stone, glass, and faience beads from various locations inside KV 5.
Nubie Abd el-Basset and Kent Weeks surveying.
Pot reconstructed from fragments found.
Rameses II with prince offering cloth; Hathor cow in boat with Rameses II (scenes reconstructed).
Conservator Lotfi Khaled working in chamber 1.