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Modern path leading to tomb.
Main valley looking southeast from west cliff above KV 7, showing central hill into which KV 5., KV 6 and KV 55 were cut (left to right). Entrances to KV 3, KV 46 and KV 4 (bottom to top) are in side wadi to left of center, with entrance to KV 19 above.
Ancient cutting of entryway to KV 19 surmounted by modern retaining walls; light rectangle in foreground is modern covering of KV 60.
Tomb entrance with modern approach path.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter.
Mentuherkhepeshef and Imsety (scene 5).
Mentuherkhepeshef and Qebehsenuef (scene 6).
Mentuherkhepeshef and Amen-Ra (scene 7).
Isis and Nephthys as fire-spitting cobras.
Hieroglyphic text columns including mention of goddesses as fire-spitting cobras.
Meretseger and Mentuherkhepeshef (scene 6).
Beginning of dedication text indicating the tomb was a royal gift.
Bottom of dedication text with evidence of change from Setherkhepeshef to Mentuherkhepeshef.
Text columns.
Text columns.
Serqet and Neit as fire-spitting cobras.
Unfinished cutting of corridor.
Burial pit.
Entrances to KV 20, KV 19 and KV 43.