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Circumpolar stars and decans.
Sety I with two forms of Hathor, and Carter's repairs in brick of damaged walls; stairs leading in the direction of tomb entrance.
Star pattern; Opening of the Mouth ritual, scenes 33-35.
Well shaft crossed by modern bridge.
Imydwat, fifth hour: Sokar.
Imydwat, fifth hour: part of Aker figure guarding the cavern of Sokar.
Book of the Dead, spell 151: head of Nephthys, partly rendered as preliminary sketch and partly carved as raised relief.
Sety I and Hathor (scene removed by Franco-Tuscan expedition and now in Florence, no. 2468).
Book of Gates, fourth division (P)/fifth hour (H): detail.
Imydwat, seventh and eighth hours; funerary objects; Osiris; Sety I.
Side chambers.
Magical brick niches.
Well chamber and its shaft.

Old rest house, KV 18, KV 17, KV 16, KV 55, KV 62, KV 9, KV 10 and KV 11.