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Sety I with Neit.
Book of Gates, fourth division (P)/fifth hour (H), scene 26: sun god Ra with crew in boat.
Hathor presenting menat to Sety I (scene removed by the Franco-Tuscan expedition and now in the Louvre, Paris).
Book of the Heavenly Cow: Hathor as the Heavenly Cow.
Lion bed.
Astronomical scenes; Imydwat, second hour; Imydwat, third hour; railing surrounding descent to chamber K in foreground.
Book of Gates, fourth gate.
Winged Ma'at flanked by Sety I's cartouches; kneeling winged Ma'at figures and Sety I's cartouches.
Litany of Ra: forms of Ra.
Winged Isis; Imydwat, abbreviated version and first hour; pair of white rectangles are magical brick niches.
Sety I with two forms of Hathor, and Carter's repairs in brick of damaged walls; stairs leading in the direction of tomb entrance.
Star pattern; Opening of the Mouth ritual, scenes 33-35.
Well shaft crossed by modern bridge.
Imydwat, fifth hour: Sokar.
Imydwat, fifth hour: part of Aker figure guarding the cavern of Sokar.
Sety I and Hathor (scene removed by Franco-Tuscan expedition and now in Florence, no. 2468).
Book of Gates, fourth division (P)/fifth hour (H): detail.
Imydwat, seventh and eighth hours; funerary objects; Osiris; Sety I.