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Horemheb and Horus (scene 3).
Star pattern; kheker frieze; Isis and Horemheb (scene 2).
View of chamber I looking into burial chamber J, before installation of new railings and wooden floor.
Star pattern; kheker frieze; Osiris and Horemheb (far left); Hathor and Horemheb (Middle); Isis, Horemheb, and Horus (far right) (KV 57)
Hathor receiving wine from Horemheb: detail (scene 2) (KV 57)
Osiris, Anubis, Horus [with Horemheb]: detail (KV 57)
Kheker frieze; Horemheb offering wine to Hathor (scene 4).
Horemheb offering wine [to Hathor]: detail (scene 4) (KV 57)
Osiris [and Horemheb]: detail (scene 5) (KV 57)
Horemheb [and Osiris]: detail (scene 5) (KV 57)
Star pattern; kheker frieze; Horemheb and Anubis (scene 1).
Kheker frieze; Horemheb offering to Osiris (far left); Horemheb and Hathor (left); Horemheb and Horus (Middle); Horemheb and Isis (right); Horemheb and Anubis (far right) (scene 5) (KV 57)
Door bolt hole and traces of original plaster sealing on outer gate thickness.
Star pattern; kheker frieze; Horus, Horemheb (partially preserved), Osiris, Anubis, Horus; modern bridge across well shaft.