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Susan Weeks sketching relief.
Faience and calcite shabtis.
Susan Weeks recording and mending decorated pottery fragments.
Dr. Weeks and Lotfy Khaled consolidating animal bones.
Fragment of decorated pottery vessel decorated with blue petals and red lines.
Partially reconstructed, decorated pottery vessel.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter.
Pottery, jar base with blue pigment.
Surveyor David Goodman adding newly cleared features to tomb plan.
Fragment of relief depicting feather.
Reconstruction of relief of feather.
Reconstruction of figure of prince.
Reconstruction of scene of prince with Rameses II.
Alabaster finials.
Francis Dzikowski photographing in KV 5.
Tomb plan.
KV 5 as Burton saw it in 1825.
Chambers known in KV 5 in 1994.
Chambers known in KV 5 in 1996.
Chambers known in KV 5 in 1997.