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Ay, accompanied by Tiy, harpooning a hippopotamus (scene 3): damaged relief; magical brick niche.
Ay fowling: king hurling throwstick at ducks in papyrus marsh, with intentional damage to figure of Ay and his cartouches (scene 1).
Ay fowling: king hurling throwstick while holding brace of ducks as decoy, with intentional damage to king's figure and cartouches (scene 1).
Imydwat, first hour, scene 1, figures 1-6: baboons "who open for the Great Soul;" magical brick niche.
Ay's ka, Ay and Nut, king's figure and cartouches of Ay intentionally damaged (scene 3); magical brick niche.
Ay's ka with Horus name on its head [with Ay and Nut]: detail (scene 3).
Four Sons of Horus as deified kings of Upper and Lower Egypt seated before offering table (scene 1).
Solar bark bearing Ra-Horakhty and the Heliopolitan Ennead; Book of the Dead, spells 141, 142 and 144.
Nephthys and solar bark; Book of the Dead, spell 130.
Solar bark of the day; Book of the Dead, spells 144, 130, with Ay's cartouches in text intentionally erased.
Imydwat, first hour, scene 5, figures 64-66: boat with two figures of Osiris and scarab.
King and his ka with deities; Imydwat, first hour, scenes 5, 1, 6, excerpts; sarcophagus re-installed in the reverse of its original position, surrounded by modern wood floor and railings. The sarcophagus box is reversed from its original position, but the lid is in its correct original orientation.
View from burial chamber in direction of tomb entrance showing modern wooden floors, steps and railings.
Ay fowling (scene 1)
Imydwat, first hour, scene 6, figure 83: baboon named Hetety.
Path leading to KV 23 entrance in branch at southwest end of the main wadi of the West Valley of the Kings.
Modern path leading to tomb entrance.