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Tomb entrances before construction of flood diversion walls.
Sety I with Neit.
Book of Gates, fourth division (P)/fifth hour (H), scene 26: sun god Ra with crew in boat.
Preliminary sketch of Sety I with Sokar-Osiris.
Tomb entrance with modern retaining walls.
Hathor presenting menat to Sety I (scene removed by the Franco-Tuscan expedition and now in the Louvre, Paris).
Names and epithets of Sety I; flying vulture holding fans.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter in the central part of the Valley of the Kings.
Circumpolar stars.
Book of the Heavenly Cow: Hathor as the Heavenly Cow.
Lion bed.
Astronomical scenes; Imydwat, second hour; Imydwat, third hour; railing surrounding descent to chamber K in foreground.
Imydwat, tenth hour: corrected preliminary sketch.
Book of Gates, fourth gate.
Winged Ma'at flanked by Sety I's cartouches; kneeling winged Ma'at figures and Sety I's cartouches.
Litany of Ra: forms of Ra.
Anthropomorphized djed-pillar; view into side chamber Jd, now filled with relief fragments.
Winged Isis; Imydwat, abbreviated version and first hour; pair of white rectangles are magical brick niches.
Osiris having his mouth opened [by Anubis].