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Rameses II with prince offering cloth.
Hathor cow in boat with small figure of Rameses II.
Amenherkhepeshef and Rameses II before Sokar and Hathor.
Prince Rameses before Nefertem, and Rameses II [before god].
Susan Weeks checking her watercolor reconstruction of wall relief against original.
Opening of the Mouth ritual; recut floor with original floor level visible next to wall; chamber 4 beyond.
Rameses II [and prince before Ptah].
Painted relief on wall after cleaning: Rameses II with prince before deity.
North wall, left half; detail of skirt relief, illustrates salt encrustations on skirt relief.
Chamber 20 in KV 5.
Susan Herman tracing wall decoration.
King with ka consecrating offerings. 
Conservator Lotfi Khaled working in chamber 1.
Susan Weeks sketching relief.
Hathor [with ram-headed god, prince and Rameses II]; unfinished cavetto cornice above gate.