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A project of the American Research Center in Egypt
Installing ceiling supports.
Entrance to KV 05 in foreground
Cracks in hillside above KV 5.
Filling cracks in hillside above KV 5.
Rameses II with prince offering cloth.
Hathor cow in boat with small figure of Rameses II.
Amenherkhepeshef and Rameses II before Sokar and Hathor.
Prince Rameses before Nefertem, and Rameses II [before god].
Dr. Kent Weeks inspecting a canopic jar.
Installing I-beam ceiling supports.
Fragment of a canopic jar belonging to Suti (also called Mery-Amen), a son of Rameses II.
Workmen installing screw-jacks and steel I-beams.
Susan Weeks and Kent Weeks examining canopic jars.
Susan Weeks matching piece of painted plaster to wall.
Susan Weeks checking her watercolor reconstruction of wall relief against original.
Pillar partly built of cut stone.
Calcite sarcophagus lid fragment, perhaps decorated with a scene from the Book of Gates, fifth gate.
Opening of the Mouth ritual; recut floor with original floor level visible next to wall; chamber 4 beyond.
Rameses II [and prince before Ptah].
Wall after excavation, but prior to conservation: Rameses II with prince before deity.