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A project of the American Research Center in Egypt
Tomb entrance and modern approach path.
Tomb entrance at base of hill with modern shelter and approach path
Tomb entrance at end of hill and covered tourist shelter.
Tomb entrance and old information sign.
KV1: Tomb entrance with modern metal gate.
Tomb entrances.
Entrances to KV 1 and KV 2 ca. 1910.
Tourists at tomb entrance.
Tomb entrance and modern tourist shelter.
Tomb entrance with modern revetments and gate.
Tomb entrance partially filled with debris (artist's sketch)
KV 01: Rameses VII, Burial chamber J, right wall, upper register. The solar disc passing between the sky and the under world (detail)
Enigmatic composition: Goddess and god with sun disk (scene 2) (detail).
Enigmatic composition: Goddesses and gods with sun disk (scene 3).
Gods reviving sun disk in fire (scene 4) (detail).
KV 1: Chamber K: rear wall, above niche. Book of Gates, fifth gate, scene 33: pig and apes in bark.
Circumpolar stars; star clock tables (detail). 
Star clocks, with human "targets."
KV 01: Rameses VII, Burial chamber J, ceiling. Astronomical figures and star clocks
KV 01: Rameses VII, Burial chamber J, sarcophagus. Four sons of Horus between Isis and Nephthys with outstretched wings.