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Valley of the Kings with pyramid-shaped Qurn above.
Tomb entrance at base of cliffs with modern covering for flood protection.
Book of Caverns, sixth division, final scene; Ba of Ra; Book of the Earth, part A, scenes 2 and 3: excerpts; Geb before Setnakht; Anubis and Osiris [before Setnakht, on front face of pillar 5]; Anubis [with Ra-Horakhty before Setnakht, on right and front faces of pillar 3]; Thoth; Book of Gates, eghth division (P)/ninth hour (H); funerary objects beneath all.
Horus-Iwnmutef; Horus and Anubis before Osiris.
Setnakht (as sketch) and Horus.
Book of the Dead, spell 151: Anubis attending mummy on bier with Isis and Nephthys as principal mourners at foot and head.
Book of Caverns, final scene; Ba of Ra; Book of the Earth, part A, scenes 1-2, extracts.
Book of the Earth, part A, scenes 2 and 8: extracts.
Tausert [and Sety II (replacing Siptah)] offering ointment [to Geb] (KV 14)
Tomb entrances.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter in the central part of the Valley of the Kings.
Valley of the Kings, panoramic viewfrom cliffs above KV 09, looking southeast.Visible are entrances to KV 03, KV 07, KV 04, KV 05, KV 06, KV 55, KV 62, KV 18, KV 17, KV 16, KV 10, KV 11, KV 57, and toursit shelter.
Tomb entrances and a modern tourist shelter.
Meretseger as winged cobra on basket over djed-pillar and tyet-knots.
Quantapoint laser-scanning team of Eric Hoffman, Bill Irey and Lee Greenwood setting up equipment.
Burial chamber J2.
Ancient plaster traces; lintel beam slot and partly cut back inner thicknesses.

Breakthrough from KV 11 to KV 10.

Old rest house, KV 18, KV 17, KV 16, KV 55, KV 62, KV 9, KV 10 and KV 11.