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Book of the Earth, parts D and C; Rameses VI's names and epithets; Book of the Day, Book of the Night; fragments of granite outer sarcophagus; decans.
Book of Caverns, fifth division, scene 9: cobras guarding decapitated enemies in a cauldron.
Book of Gates, fifth gate, scene 33: Judgment Hall of Osiris; Greek visitors' graffiti (Baillet 1247-1267).
Book of Caverns, fourth division, beginning: guardian serpent; third division, scene 5: Osiris in shrine, surrounded by deities in caverns.
Book of Caverns, fifth division.
Book of Gates, eighth division (P)/ninth hour (H), scene 57: sun god towed in solar bark.
Book of the Earth, part D, scenes 1-3.
Book of the Earth, part D, scenes 7, 9-10.
Tomb entrances and a modern tourist shelter.
Book of the Earth, part D.
Rameses VI in the day and night solar barks.
Enigmatic scenes of the nocturnal journey of the sun god Ra.
Enigmatic scene depicting destruction of enemies; patched area (left) covers ancient break into KV 12 .
Imydwat, second hour: solar bark, figures 150-160; Greek visitors' graffiti (Baillet 1493-1494).
Imydwat, sixth hour, scene 9, figures 458-459: corpse of Kheperi surrounded by protective five-headed serpent named "Many Faces;" Greek visitors' graffiti (Baillet, 1702-1704, 1714).
Flying vultures; plans of solar barks.
Book of Gates, fifth gate, scene 33: Judgment Hall of Osiris.