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Tomb entrance with sarcophagus slide and modern gate.
Tomb entrance.
Tourists at a tomb entrance.
Tourists at tomb entrance.
Tomb entrances.
Sarcophagus in undecorated burial chamber with modern flooring.
Effigy of Siptah as Osiris; kheker frieze alternating with Anubis jackals; Book of the Earth.
Siptah as Osiris protected by Isis and Nephthys, and a serpent and crocodile.
Star pattern; Litany of Ra: ram-headed ba of Ra in sun disk, flanked by Isis and Nephthys as kites.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter.
Red axial line painted on ceiling.
Stone slabs set into wall in ancient times to repair of breakthrough into KV 32.
Breakthrough from KV 47 into KV 32.