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Dr. Kent Weeks inspecting a canopic jar.
Tomb entrance.
Fragment of a canopic jar belonging to Suti (also called Mery-Amen), a son of Rameses II.
Susan Weeks and Kent Weeks examining canopic jars.
Luxor Temple, First Court, Seated collosus of Rameses II
Susan Weeks checking her watercolor reconstruction of wall relief against original.
Opening of the Mouth ritual; recut floor with original floor level visible next to wall; chamber 4 beyond.
Rameses II [and prince before Ptah].
Painted relief on wall after cleaning: Rameses II with prince before deity.
Skeleton and skulls in situ.
Limestone lid covering burial pit.
North wall, left half; detail of skirt relief, illustrates salt encrustations on skirt relief.
Chamber 20 in KV 5.
Hieratic graffito: "Regnal year 19, the continuation [or completion] of the work."
Remains of plaster flooring in corners near Osiris figure.
Chamber 8 of KV 5, with chamber 9 beyond, and debris blocking side chamber 8a and breakthrough to side chamber 7a on right.
Modern approach to tomb entrance, with old information sign.
Isis and Nephthys adoring setting sun.
Valley of the Kings with pyramid-shaped Qurn above.