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Book of Caverns, sixth division, final scene; Ba of Ra; Book of the Earth, part A, scenes 2 and 3: excerpts; Geb before Setnakht; Anubis and Osiris [before Setnakht, on front face of pillar 5]; Anubis [with Ra-Horakhty before Setnakht, on right and front faces of pillar 3]; Thoth; Book of Gates, eghth division (P)/ninth hour (H); funerary objects beneath all.
Setnakht (as sketch) and Horus.
Preliminary sketch of Sety II (detail)
Preliminary sketch of Sety I offering incense and libation to Osiris (detail)
Imydwat, tenth hour: corrected preliminary sketch.
Book of the Dead, spell 151: head of Nephthys, partly rendered as preliminary sketch and partly carved as raised relief.
Quantapoint laser-scanning team of Eric Hoffman, Bill Irey, and Lee Greenwood setting up equipment.