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Kheker frieze; Rameses I with souls of Nekhen and Pe; consecrating meret chests [before Atum-Ra-Kheperi].
Book of Gates on walls; sarcophagus in center.
Rameses I offering unguent and four meret chests to Atum-Ra-Kheperi.
Kheker frieze; magical brick niches; Book of Gates, third division (P)/fourth hour (H), middle register, scenes 18 and 19.
Kheker frieze; Ma'at; Rameses I before Ptah; djed-pillar.
Kheker frieze; tyet-knot; Nefertem receiving offering from Rameses I; Ma'at.
Representations of statues of Sety II and gods.
Representations of statues of king and gods; Ptah enshrined; Sety II offering to Osiris. Right wall.
Book of Gates, fifth division (P)/sixth hour (H); Horus; Ra-Horakhty. Pillar 3, left face.
Names and epithets of Sety I; flying vulture holding fans.
Book of the Dead, spell 151: Anubis attending mummy on bier with Isis and Nephthys as principal mourners at foot and head.
Double scene of Sety II offering to Osiris. Rear wall, center section.
Astronomical figures; Book of Caverns, final scene; ba of Ra; second sarcophagus lid resting on calcite plinth.
Circumpolar stars.
Astronomical scenes; Imydwat, second hour; Imydwat, third hour; railing surrounding descent to chamber K in foreground.
Star pattern; Litany of Ra: ram-headed ba of Ra in sun disk, flanked by Isis and Nephthys as kites.
Anthropomorphized djed-pillar; view into side chamber Jd, now filled with relief fragments.
Osiris having his mouth opened [by Anubis].
Circumpolar stars and decans.
Fragment of relief depicting feather.