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Kheker frieze; Rameses I with souls of Nekhen and Pe; consecrating meret chests [before Atum-Ra-Kheperi].
Book of Gates on walls; sarcophagus in center.
Rameses I offering unguent and four meret chests to Atum-Ra-Kheperi.
Kheker frieze; magical brick niches; Book of Gates, third division (P)/fourth hour (H), middle register, scenes 18 and 19.
Kheker frieze; Ma'at; Rameses I before Ptah; djed-pillar.
Kheker frieze; tyet-knot; Nefertem receiving offering from Rameses I; Ma'at.
Wilkinson's tomb number painted over incised graffiti.
Hieroglyphic text with beginning of Rameses IV's Horus name, surrounded by Coptic graffiti.
Rameses IV's names and titles alternating with protective vultures.
Book of Nut.
King's names and epithets over star pattern, flanked by winged protective deities.
Offerings [to deities].
Imydwat, tenth hour; modern glass panels installed to protect painted surface.
Imydwat, tenth and eleventh hours: list of deities.
Imydwat, tenth hour, upper register, scene 3, figure 701; scene 2, figure 696; scene 1, figure 693.
Imydwat, eleventh hour, scene 4, figure 761; scene 2, figures 755-756; scene 3 figures 757-758; scene 9, figure 802: list of deities.
Star pattern; kheker frieze; Imydwat, eleventh hour, upper register, scenes 1-3, figures 754-758.
Book of Caverns, fifth division: Nut holding forms of Ra (sun disk and ram-headed man).
Gods with king's cartouches (standing in place of king) in solar bark.
Book of the Earth, part A: personification of a water clock.