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Book of the Earth, part C, scenes 1-3.
Book of the Earth, part A, scenes 6 and 10.
Book of Caverns, fifth division: Nut, called the "Mysterious One."
Book of the Earth, part D; broken red granite outer sarcophagus box and pit.
Rameses VI [before Osiris, on rear face].
Enigmatic scenes of lunar disk and crescent.
Mehen serpent from solar bark; Book of the Day and Book of the Night, excerpts.
Book of Gates, twelfth division (P)/closing scene (H) and Rameses VI offering [to Osiris].
Book of Gates, tenth division (P)/eleventh hour (H), scenes 69, 77-78, 81; eleventh gate.
Book of Caverns, sixth division.
Alterations resulting from collision with KV 12 and reconstruction of burial chamber J as it would have appeared if the collision had not occurred.
Reconstruction of burial chamber J as it may have appeared if it had been completed.
Screenshot of the Theban Mapping Project image database.
KV9, Corridor C, Right Wall
Detail of cartouche of Ramesses VI carved over cartouche of Ramesses V; Greek visitors' graffiti to each side (Baillet, 1282-1301).
Book of Caverns, second section; recess.