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Sety I with Atum.
Preliminary sketch of Sety I with Sokar-Osiris.
Memorial Temple of Rameses II.
Ramesseum, first hypostyle hall, west wall, south half, King before Amen and Mut
Installing ceiling supports.
Entrance to KV 05 in foreground
Cracks in hillside above KV 5.
Filling cracks in hillside above KV 5.
Rameses II with prince offering cloth.
Hathor cow in boat with small figure of Rameses II.
Amenherkhepeshef and Rameses II before Sokar and Hathor.
Prince Rameses before Nefertem, and Rameses II [before god].
Kheker frieze; Rameses I with souls of Nekhen and Pe; consecrating meret chests [before Atum-Ra-Kheperi].
Book of Gates, third division (P)/fourth hour (H), middle register: Osiris in shrine attended by ram-headed Anubis and uraeus (KV16)
Rameses I escorted by Horus, Atum and Neith [before Osiris].
Book of Gates on walls; sarcophagus in center.
Osiris and Iwnmutef priest approached by Horus leading Rameses I.
Rameses I offering unguent and four meret chests to Atum-Ra-Kheperi.
Kheker frieze; Book of Gates, second division (P)/third hour (H), middle register, scene 11: Bark of the Earth.
Book of Gates, second division (P)/third hour (H), middle and lower registers.