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Main valley looking southeast from west cliff above KV 7, showing central hill into which KV 5., KV 6 and KV 55 were cut (left to right). Entrances to KV 3, KV 46 and KV 4 (bottom to top) are in side wadi to left of center, with entrance to KV 19 above.
Tomb entrance of KV46.
Tomb entrance in hillside context.
Tomb entrance as new wall was being built.
Tomb entrance with modern revetments.
Tomb entrance with modern revetments.
Tomb plan and section.
Tomb entrances.
The area of tomb robbery.
Second coffin of Yuya.
Lids of second and third coffins of Thuyu.
Meat boxes.
Head of bed.
Chest for jewelry.

Funerary Equipment

The types of funerary equipment Egyptians put into their tombs had become standardized long before the New Kingdom.