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Entrance to tomb of Thutmes IV with modern steps.
Unfinished scene of Hathor presenting life to Thutmes IV with artists' grid under the background paint.
Osiris presenting life to Thutmes IV: detail, with artists' grid under background paint.
Hieratic graffito dated to regnal year 8 of Horemheb, recording restoration of the burial of Thutmes IV by chief treasurer Maya.
Hieratic graffito naming the Steward of the Southern City (Thebes) Djehutymes, who assisted in the restoration of the burial of Thutmes IV in regnal year 8 of Horemheb.
Remains of meat offerings.
Plaster blobs which served as plumb line pins next to ceiling.
Cut back jambs and lintel of gate, with modern railings.
Staircase with modern steps and railings.
Mason's guidelines in red paint marking axes.
Well chamber, with unfinished decoration, and staircase leading toward tomb entrance beyond.
Foundation deposits.
Remains of meat offerings.