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Imydwat, tenth hour; modern glass panels installed to protect painted surface.
Imydwat, tenth and eleventh hours: list of deities.
Imydwat, tenth hour, upper register, scene 3, figure 701; scene 2, figure 696; scene 1, figure 693.
Imydwat, eleventh hour, scene 4, figure 761; scene 2, figures 755-756; scene 3 figures 757-758; scene 9, figure 802: list of deities.
Imsety, Anubis, and Duamutef.
Qebehsenuef, Anubis and eye-panel.
Anubis, eye-panel and Hapy.
Star pattern; kheker frieze; Imydwat, eleventh hour, upper register, scenes 1-3, figures 754-758.
Rubble ramp and steps leading to tomb entrance, ca. 1910.
Modern steps leading to KV 34 entrance; entrances to KV 32 and KV 42.
Thutmes III with his mother Isis in boat; Thutmes III and royal women; Thutmes III suckled by the goddess Isis in the form of a sycamore tree.

Thutmes III suckling

KV34 Burial chamber pillar, 1 left face




Litany of Ra: forms of Ra.
Imydwat, sixth hour, middle register: solar bark.
Imydwat, first hour, middle and lower registers.
Imydwat, first hour, lower register, scenes 6-8, figures 89-109.
Imydwat, fifth and sixth hours: list of deities.
Imydwat, sixth hour, scene 11, figure 472: Four Sons of Horus.