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Litany of Ra, opening scene: solar disk.
Representations of statues of Sety II and gods.
Representations of statues of king and gods; Ptah enshrined; Sety II offering to Osiris. Right wall.
Fragmentary granite sarcophagus lid on modern supports. Foot end.
General view of the tomb entrance of KV 15 at the cliff base, with modern covering, adjacent shelter, and modern approach path.
Book of Gates, fifth division (P)/sixth hour (H); Horus; Ra-Horakhty. Pillar 3, left face.
Images of statues of king and gods.
General view of the tomb entrance with modern covering for flood protection.
Tomb entrance with modern covering and tourist shelter.
Tomb entrance with modern flood protection covering, tourist shelter and stepped approach path.
Tourists at a tomb entrance.
Winged Nut; ba of Ra; Book of Gates, fifth division (P)/sixth hour (H); red granite sarcophagus lid
Double scene of Sety II offering to Osiris. 
Preliminary sketch of Sety II (detail)
Sety II offering incense to Ra-Horakhty (KV 15)
Winged Ma'at with Lower Egyptian papyrus cluster 
Old information sign.
Sety II [before Sokar]: detail (figure is reversed from original orientation) (reconstruction).
Sety II offering Ma'at [to Sokar] (reconstruction).
Litany of Ra: texts invoking different forms of Ra. (KV15)