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A project of the American Research Center in Egypt
Wilkinson's painted tomb number and graffiti.
Main valley looking southeast from west cliff above KV 7, showing central hill into which KV 5., KV 6 and KV 55 were cut (left to right). Entrances to KV 3, KV 46 and KV 4 (bottom to top) are in side wadi to left of center, with entrance to KV 19 above.
Tomb entrance of KV 04  with modern revetments
KV 04 entrance in hillside, fronted by electric generator. 
KV 4 tomb entrance and electric generator.
Tomb entrance in relation to main pathway in the Valley of the Kings; backup generator for Valley.
Tomb entrance.
Tomb entrance of KV 4 with modern revetments.
Entrance and modern retaining walls for surrounding construction debries.
Valley of the Kings, panoramic view from cliffs above KV 09, looking southeast. Visible are entrances to KV 03, KV 07, KV 04, KV 05, KV 06, KV 55, KV 62, KV 18, KV 17, KV 16, KV 10, KV 11, KV 57, and toursit shelter.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter in the central part of the Valley of the Kings.
KV 04: Rameses XI, Corridor B, right wall. Kiosk containing Rameses XI before Amen-Ra-Horakhty depicted with four ram heads, and the Western Goddess (reconstruction)
Corridors with crates of pottery from John Romer's excavation in rear part of tomb
Reconstruction of placement of support beam under overhang, plan.