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Tomb entrances and inspector's office.
Entrances to KV 6 and KV 55 ca. 1910.
Ancient cutting of entryway to KV 19 surmounted by modern retaining walls; light rectangle in foreground is modern covering of KV 60.
Tomb entrances.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter in the central part of the Valley of the Kings.
Valley of the Kings, panoramic viewfrom cliffs above KV 09, looking southeast.Visible are entrances to KV 03, KV 07, KV 04, KV 05, KV 06, KV 55, KV 62, KV 18, KV 17, KV 16, KV 10, KV 11, KV 57, and toursit shelter.
Tomb entrances and a modern tourist shelter.
Tomb entrances, antiquities office and tourist shelter.

Old rest house, KV 18, KV 17, KV 16, KV 55, KV 62, KV 9, KV 10 and KV 11.