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Colossus of Amenhetep III at entrance to his Memorial temple.
Colossi of Memnon.
Tomb entrances and inspector's office.
Imydwat, tenth hour; modern glass panels installed to protect painted surface.
Imydwat, tenth and eleventh hours: list of deities.
Imydwat, tenth hour, upper register, scene 3, figure 701; scene 2, figure 696; scene 1, figure 693.
Imydwat, eleventh hour, scene 4, figure 761; scene 2, figures 755-756; scene 3 figures 757-758; scene 9, figure 802: list of deities.
Imsety, Anubis, and Duamutef.
Qebehsenuef, Anubis and eye-panel.
Anubis, eye-panel and Hapy.
Star pattern; kheker frieze; Imydwat, eleventh hour, upper register, scenes 1-3, figures 754-758.
Tomb entrance at base of cliff with approach path.
Tomb entrance just after clearance of overlying debris.
Modern path leading to the tomb entrance located to the right at the end of the path.
Sarcophagus of Thutmes I, comissioned for his reburial by Hatshepsut.
Sarcophagus of Hatshepsut.
Canopic chest of Hatshepsut.
Monkey mummies.