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Litany of Ra, opening scene: solar disk containing scarab and ram-headed man.
Star pattern; Litany of Ra: ram-headed ba of Ra in sun disk, flanked by Isis and Nephthys as kites.
Tomb entrances and tourist shelter.
New tomb information sign next to tomb entrance.
New tomb information sign.
Tomb entrances.
Red axial line painted on ceiling.
Outline of unfinished pillar cutting.
Stone slabs set into wall in ancient times to repair of breakthrough into KV 32.
View from chamber I into burial chamber J2.
Star pattern; king's cartouches; flying vultures (detail).
Litany of Ra: recarved cartouche in center.
Epithets of Siptah.
Prenomen of Siptah, recarved.
Prenomen of Siptah. 
Nomen of Siptah, recarved.
Horus name of Siptah.
Lotus plants symbolic of Upper Egypt. 
Papyrus plants symbolic of Lower Egypt. 
Breakthrough from KV 47 into KV 32.