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Wilkinson's tomb number painted over incised graffiti.
Hieroglyphic text with beginning of Rameses IV's Horus name, surrounded by Coptic graffiti.
Rameses IV's names and titles alternating with protective vultures.
Book of Nut.
King's names and epithets over star pattern, flanked by winged protective deities.
Offerings [to deities].
Book of Caverns, fifth division: Nut holding forms of Ra (sun disk and ram-headed man).
Gods with king's cartouches (standing in place of king) in solar bark.
Book of the Earth, part A: personification of a water clock.
Adoration of sun disk emerging from crocodile.
Ram-headed form of sun god Ra greeted by animal-headed gods; Book of the Earth, part A: dead emerging from burial mounds.
Book of the Day: Nut preparing to swallow the sun disk.
Rameses VI's Horus name and second cartouche.
Remains of Rameses VI's titles.
Burial chamber J with pit in floor.
Coptic graffiti: texts and star.
Book of the Dead, spell 151: Anubis attending mummy on bier with Isis and Nephthys as principal mourners at foot and head.
Flying vultures; Rameses IV's names and epithets; Book of Nut; Book of the Night; Imydwat, sixth hour; second division (P)/third hour (H) of the Book of Gates; sarcophagus decorated with extracts from the Book of the Earth.
Book of the Day, middle to conclusion; names and epithets of Rameses VI.
Book of the Night, hours 1-6; names and epithets of Rameses VI.