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Wilkinson's painted tomb number and graffiti.
Incised modern graffiti and painted Coptic graffiti between legs of Rameses IV.
Wilkinson's tomb number painted over incised graffiti.
Hieroglyphic text columns from Litany of Ra; graffiti of Coptic saints.
Hieratic graffito: "Regnal year 19, the continuation [or completion] of the work."
Graffito left by James Burton upon discovery of tomb (KV 5).
Hieratic graffito dated to regnal year 8 of Horemheb, recording restoration of the burial of Thutmes IV by chief treasurer Maya.
Hieratic graffito naming the Steward of the Southern City (Thebes) Djehutymes, who assisted in the restoration of the burial of Thutmes IV in regnal year 8 of Horemheb.
Red axial line painted on ceiling.
Mason's guidelines in red paint marking axes.
Rameses IV [addressing Ra-Horakhty], with Coptic graffiti around the figure.