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Book of Gates, fourth division (P)/fifth hour (H) lower register, scene 30: Nubian, one of the "four races of mankind," erroneously labeled as an Egyptian. 
Book of Gates, sixth division (P)/seventh hour (H), middle register, scene 45: enemies bound to jackal-headed pillar (detail)
KV 11: Rameses III, Chamber D1, left wall (left part). Rameses III censing and libating before Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, protected by winged Isis (reproduction)
Rameses III [offering to Geb, on rear face] (reconstruction).
Rameses III [offering to Ptah].
Rameses III offering incense and libation [to Shepsy] (reconstruction). 
Rameses III [offering to Ptah-Sokar-Osiris and Isis] (reconstruction).

Portrait (reversed) of Rameses III offering to [Ptah-Sokar].

Rameses III offering incense [to Ptah].

Rameses III offering Ma'at to Osiris.