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Book of the Earth, part D.
Book of the Earth, part D; broken red granite outer sarcophagus box and pit.
Imydwat, sixth hour, scene 9, figures 458-459: corpse of Kheperi surrounded by protective five-headed serpent named "Many Faces;" Greek visitors' graffiti (Baillet, 1702-1704, 1714).
Book of Gates, twelfth division (P)/closing scene (H) and Rameses VI offering [to Osiris].
Book of Gates, tenth division (P)/eleventh hour (H), scenes 69, 77-78, 81; eleventh gate.
Book of Caverns, sixth division.
Relief originally showing Rameses V, altered to Rameses VI.
Book of Gates, fifth gate, scene 33: Judgment Hall of Osiris.
Detail of cartouche of Ramesses VI carved over cartouche of Ramesses V; Greek visitors' graffiti to each side (Baillet, 1282-1301).
Book of Caverns, second section; recess.
Book of Gates, tenth division (P)/ eleventh hour (H).
Book of Gates, eleventh division (P)/ twelth hour (H).
Book of Caverns, sixth section.
Imydwat, first hour, scenes 2-5 figures 19-42,58-63,75-82,101-124; second hour, introductory text, third hour, introductory text, figures 194-195, 225-227, 252-253.
Imydwat, second hour, figures 125-133, 150-160, 170-176; third hour, figures 194-203, 221-239, 252-265.
Imydwat, second hour, figures 128-147, 150-155, 161-167, 172-190 ; third hour, figures 202-217, 236-249, 263-275.
Cartouches of Ramesses VI; Imydwat, sixth hour, scenes 1-2: figures 401-413; scenes 6-8: figures 431-445.