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KV 02: Rameses IV, Gate K, outer lintel. King's names flanked by figures of falcons with outspread wings standing on the sign for gold and presenting the symbol for the heb seb or jubilee festival (detail)
Osiris seated in shrine with the four sons of Horus on Lotus.
Double scene of Tausert (erased) led by Horus and Anubis before Osiris; image of queen replaced by cartouches of Setnakht.
Book of the Earth, part A: personification of water clock (detail)
Book of Gates, eighth division (P)/ninth hour (H), scene 56: souls in the Island of Flame (detail)
Winged Ma'at with Lower Egyptian papyrus cluster 
KV 06: Rameses IX, Burial chamber J, right wall. Book of the Earth, part A: excerpt; enigmatic composition (detail)
Solar boat from end of middle register of "enigmatic" composition.
Book of the Dead, spell 151: Anubis preparing royal mummy attended by Isis, Nephthys, and guardian jackal Anubis, as well as Imsety and Duamutef, two of the four sons of Horus. 
Book of Gates, sixth division (P)/seventh hour (H), middle register, scene 45: enemies bound to jackal-headed pillar (detail)