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A project of the American Research Center in Egypt
Winged Ma'at above lotus plants of Upper Egypt.
Lotus flowers representing Upper Egypt [under winged Ma'at figure].
Winged Ma'at above papyrus plants of Lower Egypt.
Papyrus plants representing Lower Egypt [under winged Ma'at figure].
Rameses II greeting [Hathor].
Osiris in niche.
Hathor receiving wine offerings [from Rameses II].
Rameses II greeting Hathor.
Rameses II with Hathor: holding hands (detail).
Rameses II with prince offering cloth.
Hathor cow in boat with small figure of Rameses II.
Amenherkhepeshef and Rameses II before Sokar and Hathor.
Prince Rameses before Nefertem, and Rameses II [before god].
Book of Gates, second division (P)/third hour (H), middle and lower registers.
Wall after excavation, but prior to conservation: Rameses II with prince before deity.
Remains of plaster flooring in corners near Osiris figure.
Breakthrough to chamber 7a; fallen relief in situ; Kent Weeks brushing relief.
Fallen relief in situ: hieroglyphs.
Fallen relief in situ: Prince's skirt and hand.
Fragmentary granite sarcophagus lid on modern supports. Foot end.