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Rameses XI

Ruler/Tomb owner
1098-1070 B.C.

The last king of the Rameside line and the final ruler of Dynasty 20, Rameses XI ruled over a seriously weakened country. Tomb robberies were rife, a series of low Nile levels caused famine, and civil war erupted in Thebes. Rameses XI’s capital city was located at Tanis, in the central Delta, and power at Thebes seems to have been taken by the priests of the temple of Amen at Karnak.

Ultimately, Rameses XI lost his already-weakened power (although he retained his royal titles) as the High Priest of Amen, Herihor, ruled southern Egypt and Smendes, perhaps his son, reigned in the north. KV 4 is attributed to Rameses XI, but the tomb was never finished and the king’s mummy has never been found.