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Rameses IV

Ruler/Tomb owner
1151-1145 B.C.

Rameses IV, the son of Rameses III, ascended to the throne during a period when Egypt had fallen on hard times. There is no evidence that he attempted, or was able, to restore its wealth and international authority. Texts of his reign speak of social unrest, rising crime, and economic decline. However, Rameses IV did order extensive work in several stone and turquoise quarries, and he built additions to temples at Abydos, Heliopolis, and Thebes and erected many statues there. His own Memorial Temple lay near Dayr al Madinah, and his tomb, KV 2, was dug in the Valley of the Kings. Later, in Dynasty 21, his body was moved with several other royal mummies to KV 35 for safekeeping.