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A project of the American Research Center in Egypt


Current Project Staff


  • Sally El Sabbahy
  • Bianca van Sittert
  • Clara Wright
  • Ella Wright


  • Magdy Ali
  • Walton Chan
  • Lucy Fletcher-Jones
  • Ali Ibraham Hassan
  • Ahmed Mahmoud Hassan
  • Lori Lawson
  • Dr. Kent Weeks


  • Dr. Salima Ikram

Previous TMP Staff

Since 1978, the Theban Mapping Project has been fortunate to have had dozens of talented staff members working in the field and in the office. The following is a list of those staff members no longer with the TMP but who nonetheless have contributed to its success.

  • Nubie Abdel Basset, Assistant Surveyor
  • John Abel, Mining Engineer
  • Yusuf el-Alfy, Anthropology Assistant
  • Marjorie Aronow, Egyptologist
  • Julie Aseltine, Egyptology Assistant
  • Dina Bakhoum, Conservation Specialist
  • Randa Baligh, Egyptologist
  • J. Robert A.Bell, Surveyor
  • John Bex, Computer Consultant
  • Meredith Brand, Intern
  • Edwin Brock, Egyptologist
  • Michael Bukovansky, Mining Engineer
  • Gaston Chan, Photographer
  • Sherif el-Didi, Hydrologist
  • Lamia el-Hadidi, Conservation Specialist
  • Francis Dzikowski, Photographer
  • Julie Eklund, Egyptology Assistant
  • Roger Errington, Surveyor
  • Renée Friedman, Egyptology Assistant
  • Jacqueline Funk, Intern
  • David Goodman, Surveyor
  • Barbara Greene, Ceramicist
  • Lamice Gabr, Architect
  • Marcie Handler, Intern
  • Nicole Hansen, Egyptologist/Editor
  • Ahmed Harfoush, Researcher
  • Irfana Hashmi, Egyptology Assistant
  • Ahmed Mahmoud Hassan, Fieldwork Supervisor
  • Susan Herman, Research Assistant/Office Manager
  • Nigel Hetherington, Conservation Manager
  • Brendhan Hight, Webmaster
  • Frank T. F. Ho, Cartographer
  • Michael Jesudason, Ceramicist
  • Lucy T. Jones, Researcher
  • Matjaž Kacicnik, Photographer
  • May Kaddah, Egyptology Assistant
  • Alia el-Kaissouni, Egyptology Assistant
  • Lotfi Khaled, Conservator
  • Joan Knudsen, Egyptology Assistant
  • Donald R Kunz, Assistant Surveyor
  • Bruce Lightbody, Architect
  • Kate Liszka, Intern
  • Jennifer Lormans, Egyptology Assistant
  • Serena Love, Egyptology Assistant
  • Derrick Mar, Cartographer
  • Nicholas Martin, Egyptology Assistant
  • Rasha el-Naggar, Egyptology Assistant
  • Joel Paulson, Egyptology Assistant
  • James Petersen, Intern
  • Patricia Podzorski, Egyptology Assistant
  • Jayme Reichart, Graduate Research Assistant/Linguistic Consultant
  • Don Richards, Structural Engineer
  • Catharine H. Roehrig, Assistant Director
  • John Ross, Photographer
  • Ashraf Salloum, Architect
  • Ilka Schact, Project Coordinator
  • Nora Shalaby, Intern
  • Djihan Skinner, Intern
  • Richard L. Smith, Jr., Architect
  • Stuart Smith, Egyptology Assistant
  • Steven J. Tappe, Archaeology Assistant
  • May Trad, Toponymist
  • John Triplett, Electrical Engineer
  • Tracey Twarowski, Egyptology Assistant
  • Hans van den Berg, Computer Consultant
  • Jonathan Van Lepp, Egyptology Assistant
  • Nathalie Walschaerts, Egyptologist
  • Susan Weeks, Artist
  • Franklin Yates, Intern
  • Alaa el-Din Yehia, Accountant
  • Melissa Zabecki, Intern
  • Samar Hafez Zaki, Architect

Contributors and Supporters

When the following tombs were surveyed by the Theban Mapping Project during its field seasons of 1979-1989, they were only partly excavated or studied. Since then they have been cleared and mapped by different missions, to whom we are grateful for providing access to their drawings and information about the results of the work and allowing us to publish this online.

  • KV 7

Christian Leblanc (CNRS) and André Guillaume

  • KV 8, KV 15

Edwin C. Brock

  • KV 12

Otto Schaden

  • KV 13

Hartwig Altenmüller

  • KV 18, KV 32, KV 47

Elena Paulin-Grothe, Andreas Dorn, Günter Heindl (MISR Projekt, University Basel)

  • KV 22

Dr. Jiro Kondo (Waseda University)

It was impossible for the Theban Mapping Project to access twenty tombs. All plans and measurements of these tombs on this website have been based on the following published sources:

  • KV 21, KV 27, KV 28, KV 29, KV 31, KV 40, KV 44, KV 45, KV 48, KV 50, KV 51, KV 52, KV 53, KV 58, KV 59, KV F

Carl Nicholas Reeves. Valley of the Kings: The Decline of a Royal Necropolis. London: Kegan Paul International, 1990.

  • KV 33

John Romer. "The Tomb of Tuthmosis III." Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Institut 31: 319 (1975).

  • KV 39

Rose, John. "An Interim Report on Work in KV 39, September-October 1989." In After Tut'ankhamun: Research and Excavation in the Royal Necropolis at Thebes, edited by Carl Nicholas Reeves, 28-40. London: Kegan Paul, 1992.

  • KV 39, KV F

Richard H. Wilkinson and Carl Nicholas Reeves. The Complete Valley of the Kings. London: Thames and Hudson, 1996.

  • KV 41

Luc Gabolde, Hassan Ibrahim Amer, and Pascale Ballet. "Une exploration de la 'Vallée du Puits': La tombe inachevée no. 41." Bulletin de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale 91: 173-189 (1991).

  • KV 60

Donald P. Ryan. "Who is Buried in KV 60 Field Report." KMT 1 (1): 37(1990).

The following tombs were surveyed by the TMP, but some details and corrections are based on the sources indicated:

  • KV 1

Edwin C. Brock. "The Clearance of the Tomb of Ramesses VII." In The Valley of the Sun Kings: New Explorations in the Tombs of the Pharaohs, Papers from The University of Arizona International Conference on the Valley of the Kings, edited by Richard H. Wilkinson, 47-67. Tucson: University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition, 1995.

  • KV 7

Christian Leblanc. "Trois campagnes de fouille dans la tombe de Ramsès II, KV 7, Vallée des Rois, 1993/1994/1995." Memnonia 7: 185-211 (1996).

  • KV 8

Edwin C. Brock. "The Tomb of Merenptah and its Sarcophagi." In After Tut'ankhamun: Research and Excavation in the Royal Necropolis at Thebes, edited by Carl Nicholas Reeves, 122-140. London: Kegan Paul International, 1992.

  • KV 9

Friedrich Abitz. Baugeschichte und Dekoration des Grabes Ramses' VI. Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 89. Freiburg: Universitätsverlag, 1989.

Alexandre Piankoff. The Tomb of Ramesses VI. Bollingen Series 40 (1). New York: Pantheon, 1954.

  • KV 13

Hartwig Altenmüller. "Dritter Vorbericht uber die Arbeiten des Archäologischen Instituts der Universität Hamburg am Grab des Bay (KV 13) im Tal der Könige von Theben." Studien zur altägyptischen Kultur 21: 1-18 (1994).

Hartwig Altenmüller. "Zwei Ostraka und ein Baubefund: Zum Tod des Schatzkanzlers Bay im 3 Regierungsjahr des Siptah." Göttinger Miszellen: Beiträge zur Ägyptologische Diskussion 171: 13-18 (1999).

  • KV 14, KV 47

Hartwig Altenmüller. "Bemerkungen zu den Königsgräbern des Neuen Reiches." Studien zur altägyptischen Kultur 10: 25-61 (1983).

  • KV 22, KV A

Jiro Kondo. "The Re-clearance of Tombs WV 22 and WV A in the Western Valley of the Kings." In Valley of the Sun Kings: New Explorations in the Tombs of the Pharaohs, Papers from The University of Arizona International Conference on the Valley of the Kings, edited by Richard H. Wilkinson, 25-33. Tucson: University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition, 1995.

  • KV 62

Reeves, Carl Nicholas. The Complete Tutankhamun: The King, The Tomb, The Royal Treasure. London: Thames and Hudson, 1990.


Additionally, the Theban Mapping Project would like to thank Dr. Otto Schaden, who previously allowed a TMP surveyor to add new sections uncovered during his excavations in KV 10 to our plan of it.

Special thanks also goes to the Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale (especially Bernard Mathieu and Vassil Dobrev) for granting the Theban Mapping Project permission to republish images of KV 34 and KV 35 from Paul Bucher's Les textes des tombes de Thoutmosis III et d'Aménophis II. Mémoires publiés par les membres de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale 60. Cairo: IFAO, 1932.

Open Source Resources

The hieroglyphic texts for all named tombs on this website were created using JSesh 7.2.0. Transliterations and the Manuel de Codage codes for each named tomb have been created using material available on